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Grandfather and Grandson meet at last:

Julius Stürmer and D. A. Wilson, October 9, 2006, Geltendorf, Germany.

(Our first ever face to face meeting had occurred the previous afternoon, when Julius greeted me at his front door. This picture was taken the next morning – my 46th Birthday - in Julius’ living room/studio. He is presenting me with a model car (Auto-Union TYP C 1936-1937) which had been given to him on his 90th Birthday in appreciation of his contributions to the German auto industry. – D. A. Wilson)

Julius Stürmer on Wikipedia Germany:

Julius Stürmer – Born: May 22, 1915 Caransebeș, Banat, Austria-Hungary; Died: February 7, 2011 in Geltendorf, Bavaria) was a German painter and printmaker.

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Julius Stürmer
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