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Dan Takes An Adventure

by Dan

I had a friend named Jeff. Me and Jeff played a lot. We did a lot of things too. All that time there was a strange man always looking at us. He wondered what we were doing. While another one of my friends, named Larry, was spying on the guy who was spying on us. So Larry thought he should jump down on the stranger. All that time the stranger’s name was John. When Larry jumped down he didn’t know John was pretty tough. When Larry was on him John threw Larry off right into the dust. After that good boom on his head he sort of had a bump on his head. When he got up he saw it was late so Dan and Jeff suggested they go inside and finish their day.

The End

Daniel Stories by Daniel

“Georgey the Boat” by Dan Wilson,
Captain Divinity and his Pals, Number 1,
Silver Streak Comics Group, March 1973

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