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The Rooms

I can write this thing now.
What can I do with it?
Discover the myriad rooms,
open the hidden files
of existence.
When we have explored thoroughly
our own closed world,
we hook up to larger networks
(sometimes by happen chance).
The universe of intelligence
learning how to observe,
enjoy itself.


The Union Jack comes down
the Chinese flag goes up
probably no opium in the hall.
Prince Charles makes jolly
with Jiang Zemin.
If the soldiers march
with such precision...
Live via C-Span on
Chinese National Television
- English Service - from Beijing -
Cut to music
young woman dancing
softly fluttering as new butterflies
in Tiananmen Square
all lovely smiles
pretty feet lightly tripping
over the ghost of blood
and the slumbering spirit
of the Goddess of Democracy.

- D. A. Wilson, San Francisco
June 30, 1997 (July 1, in
Hong Kong and Beijing)

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